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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  January 24, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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shooter on foot shooting at another vehicle prior to firing into the victim the vip was in. >> the shooter gave up the chase then turned to martinez's car, and began firing. shots missed martinez's sister. he was hit and died at the scene. they were just about to leave for contra costa college, they were both students. family and friends tell us he wanted to get a certificate to become an auto mechanic. they say martinez was a serious student. >> he started testing a little bit from friends just because he didn't want any disruption at all. he wanted to focus on school to better himself. >> amid hurt and anger here, there is also disbelief someone could just take a person's life for no apparent reason. >> i can't understand how someone could do this? i mean, if you couldn't hit the car you were trying to hit, it's like, why take someone innocent? >> what did that person do to
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you? he didn't do anything. he was going to school. >> and there is a shot spotter that alerts police every time there is a shooting in a neighborhood. there was a shot spotter near where he was killed and that is how police found the shooting. they responded quickly. they're investigating this terrible crime. but so far apparently nothing. they say they do need public's help. >> thank you. >> and in san francisco police are investigating the sexual assault of a young tourist at fisherman's wharf. police say the 15-year-old girl was unconscious from alcohol or drugs when it happened. the person you see here is the suspect. they play plees say they caught him in these bushes. officers searched the area
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after the girl's friends called police to report her missing. >> the missing juvenile separated from the group on her own. >> officers told us the girl was visiting san francisco. they don't know why she was out at 3:00 in the morning. >> a construction crew struck a gas main, forcing evacuation of several homes this afternoon. happening along chestnut avenue. the fire department allowed residents to return about 45 minutes later. pg&e patched the pipe and this took place from where a larger pipeline exploded and killed eight people. and destroyed more than 35 home autos san francisco mayor ed lee met today to talk to him about possibly stepping down and mirkarimi left that meeting saying he's not going anywhere. we have his reaction to the
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conversation. >> if you thought this was a meeting where the mayor was going to issue an ultimatum, you'd be wrong akofrding to ross mirkarimi. waits cordial and did not deliver results the mayor wanted. >> this is d day for ed lee. time for a heart to heart talk about his future. >> it's a time for the mayor. i would do this for any elected official. if they're so distracted, and i see that happening. i don't want to put anymore pressure on the sheriff. i think he's got enough. >> but there is no doubt the mayor wants him to take a leave while he fights charges of abuse, mirk ream geez the meeting in the mayor's office was krd yil. -- cord yil -- cordial. >> did he ask to you step down? >> no.
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>> did you offer to do that? >> no. >> why do you think you can run the office? >> i am doing just that. any time i am putting in well over 40 hours a week here in the office. and this is not a straight 8:00-5:00 job. i make sure when i'm attending to issues i'm back here. >> yesterday, a judge scheduled february 24th for the trial to begin. and the mayor questions how the new sheriff can balance his legal case and duties of the department. >> i think that the deadline has been set. clearly the trial date is already been set. i think all of the proceedings leading up to that are going to be numerous. they seem to be. there are more steps to be taken. i think the distraction is there already. >> and this sheriff is willing to make concession autos if
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we're focused where my time is in trial, i think it's only principle that i would not take pay while in trial. absolute lie mirkarimi says he'll recuse himself from cases that the sheriff was conducting there abouts. there are a half dozen of those every year. live in city hall abc 7 news. >> carolyn did the sheriff or mayor talk about the complaint made by a second woman that became public yesterday? >> they did just briefly that. second woman says she's an ex-girlfriend of ross mirkarimi. he told us simply i'll fight it. the mayor says this is just another example of the distractions in this case taking time away from the office and the job mirkarimi is doing here at city hall. >> carolyn tyler reporting for us, tu when can they go home?
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that is what residents are wondering after a rock slide forced them to leave yesterday. engineers and geologists examine that had hillside to see if it's safe to return. leanne? >> i just got off the phone with the director of public works. i'm going to take a look at notes. he tells me the hillside is unstable. they have just determined that. he believes that more rocks will fall. they'll remove some of the faller rocks but will leave big boulders because those help protect the building. as for the residents, telling me those who are evacuated they'll be allowed back inside of the buildings but will recommend they not sleep inside their units. >> concrete k rail barriers
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kept boulders secure and away from the apartment building. city engineers are also concerned with what that the top of the hill. this is lombarred street this, white house above the crumbling hill hillside. gloria is a spokesperson for department of public works. >> they check for stability of the roadway. and specifics of what kind of damage done from the incident, yesterday. >> there is no word on when the city will begin to remove the huge rocks. the heavy rains may have caused this slide which damaged a parked car. there are a few residents evacuated. >> one police officer was saying they're going to make sure they might have to evacuate the building.
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>> dawn walker lives on the site closest to the hill. >> are you going to stay in this build something. >> yeah. we probably will. unless it gets too noisy. >> yesterday, three units were yellow tagged. today, the experts are going to regroup with some building inspectors to decide whether to continue to yellow tag or lift the yellow tag. >> so we got an update on the condition of the road above the hillside. the road is safe. they found no cracks so that is good news, how they'll secure the hillside, they tell me they're working on that plan. again, as for the people who are evacuated yesterday they've been told they can return but they're again, advising them they shouldn't sleep there. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and that is falling rocks.
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and plans to trance form 330 acres of land are now moving forward. the property located on the foot of the bay bridge around 11th street. developing land is not a project bringing jobs to the community overnight. and there is nick nij smith live with the story. >> the port of oakland is a export gateway on the west coast but redeveloping the army base that is owned in parts by the city and port will take time and lots of money. and there is federal redevelopment hours that can only be use forward the army base. the army base took with it more than 7,000 jobs. >> this jobs are coming. and we want to make sure when they get here they're for
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people here. >> she turned out to hear the economic development committee vote on and passion a benefits committee to give redevelopment jobs. the vote now moves to the city council. but that won't be the only potential road block. >> this fight has been a journey with a lot of steps. biggest hurdle as been money. >> they come together around a plan focused on trade-related infrom a structure. >> one plan using public money including bonds to pay to clean up the soil, and improve transportation line autos this if done right can help us grow our economic impacts in positive ways. >> the work could cost up to $1 million per acre, including stabilizing the parcel soil. there has been $424 million in bond funding for the port to use for infrastructure but
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with federal dollars come rules. they must break ground by january 1 or risk losing proposed matching funds. right now, the city has about $40 million in designated matching funds with an actual ground breaking so far off, actry vifts may be putting their cart before the horse. >> i think the city and port understand the community will insist on being players in this process. >> that community initiative moves to the city council scheduled to meet next week. >> and time for a check of the forecast now. >> yes. there is lots of sunshine coming our way. >> lots of sunshine, lots of warmth coming our way. this evening we're going to have partly cloudy skies but there will be patchy valley fog. temperatures will be mainly into 40s. tomorrow morning there will be lingering patches of fog around. mostly sunny skies. early morning lows ranging from upper 30s to mid-40s then,
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afternoon a milder pattern begins. highs from about 60 to mid-60s around the bay and inland. i'll have the accu-weather forecast in just a few minutes. >> thank you. >> and who feels more pain? women or men? new research on that is just ahead. >> i think we know the answer to that. new normal for silicon valley. reporting on their high starting salaries, just ahead. >> on the red carpet has this year's best picture nominees in a tool helping to simplify your oscar pools. ha you called to switch us to anthem yet? honey, how can i call now,
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checking healthy living news pfc, man made chemicals making their way into the food chain may be weakening effectiveness of childhood vaccines. a new study found expectant mother was elevated levels had children whose diphtheria vaccinations were 39% less effective. and the children had a higher risk of a lowered immune response. pfcs found from cook ware to pizza boxes. >> drinking black tea may help lower blood pressure. a study publicked today found people who drank three cups per day lowered levels by two to three points. that might not sound like much, but researchers say a small reduction can have a major impact on high high pressure and risk of heart disease. >> women, it turns out may be more sensitive to pain than
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men. and researchers analyzed pain scores taken from 72,000 patients found women reported higher pain intensity on average, researchers say more studies are needs today see why they seem tochl peer yens pain differently. >> it's been a busy day for tech news. earnings reports came out and there is new information on how much the average worker in silicon valley brings home. >> yes. several tech companies out with earnings this afternoon. apple crushing estimates verizon posting a loss tied to pension costs and iphone related expenses. verizon sells iphone at a loss to attract customers. and yahoo reported revenue that fell short, declining
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search and display revenues continuing the company's years long slump but the co-founder gone and a new ceo at the helm, this big story isn't the quarter that was, it's the quarter that is still to come. a spoke with one analyst who thinksa into hoo can still compete. still lots of questions looming about yahoo's future including changes for the company's stake in alibaba and more. and s and p 500 ending up today, u.s. stocks closed lower amid a stalemate in europe. and there is apple and google among losers. in light of president's state of the union address how has have stocks faired? dow jones has risen 60 mrs making him
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just one of only five in the first three years in office. nod bad. they call this the economy election of course. and there is a browser add on an attempt to stop the search giant from promoting it's social network. and there are they search to see if results were omitted. finally just how much to tech workers in the valley make? annual salaries topped $100,000 last year. numbers coming from this show salaries for engineers in silicon valley jumped 5.2%
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that is less than 2% for workers in the nation. >> and there is smooth sailing. >> clouds scooting out of here, going to have nice, mild spring like weather. but there may be rain along the end of the forecast period. there is a live view from our east bay hills camera looking towards southeast. and we can see clouds in the sky but there is lots of blue around. so it's a sunny afternoon and there is a mild one with readings around or just above 60 degrees in fremont and down in san jose. upper 50s in other locations and these are the highlights. we'll see partly cloudy skies with some patchy valley fog. there is satellite showing high pressure building in now. there are clouds to the north
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and there is a storm will be staying up there and clouds may work their way in overnight. and there is a front passing north. there is a mainly sunny day, but clouds passing through overnight and maybe patches of fog forming. low temperatures in the presence of valley fog. there is 40 in concord and 40 degrees as a morning low. there is another lovely day, clouds north and mainly sunny day. getting milder, highs into mid-60s tomorrow. 65 in concord and antioch. 66 in livermore. 66 the high in santa rosa. south bay highs mid-60s in san jose and farther south will be milder with upper 60s near
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monterey bay. there is the accu-weather forecast. there is high temperatures into upper 60s around the bay. see a cool down on monday. then, clouds thickening tuesday, looks like tuesday is the first or next chance of possible rainfall but this is not looking like much at the moment. >> this is like an april forecast. >> yes. >> the bold decision one father says he did not hesitate to make. >> and a change you're going to have to make to your facebook profile, soon. >> we don't like change. >> technology in the race to fuel and power the race of the
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aer father whose child was videotaped beating another teen turned in his own son. michael palomino saw the video on you tube, recognizing his 17-year-old son as the only assailant whose face was not covered. >> i'm in law enforcement myself. so the right thing was to turn him in. >> what he did was wrong. and now, he's got to suffer consequences. >> his son is the oldest of the seven suspects, the only one being charged as an adult and only one in jail. the victim suffered a bloody nose and cuts and bruises but is going to be okay. >> and there is a fantastic morning for martin scorcse.
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his movie is the top nominee for oscar buzz. >> it's the hollywood's biggest morning of the year, making -- waking up to hear announcement of the oscar nominees. there are nine this year for best picture. >> and two of the vims were not nominated for best motion picture extremely cloud and the tree of life. as far as most oscar nods? that goes to "hugo" with 11, total. so you do have your own ideas about who should win? no worries we have you covered with the official oscars app. it's available online. you can access video including
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a series on fashion this is free and works on iphone, ipod touch and ipad. you can find it or search for it in the store. and don't miss the big awards show right here on abc. >> and on the red is looking for a college team to help interview celebrities. college journalists need to submit a real showcasing their talents. deadline is next thursday. >> and still to come in our 4:30 half hour, state lawmakers suing controller john chung. >> and apple in the post steve jobs era. >> how rich is mitt romney? he released tax records today. >> taking a look from mount
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tam into the bay there are clouds in the sky. despite clouds we're entering a warming trend. i'll have the forecast coming up. ososososos
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new iphone and demand gave apple a blowout holiday quarter. >> that is right. releasing it's best ever quarterly earnings today. >> abc 7 is live with detail autos apple may need a new vault, has more cash on hand than any other tech company, making $13 billion over the holidays. >> they have the driving engine of the valley.
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the leader autos apple is making products, offering services consumers want. >> i love to have questions answered by knowledgeable people. i enjoy it. >> apple sold 37 million iphones and most of them the hot new 4 s. almost 15 and a half million sold, increase of 128% and mac computer sales shot up 26%. and proflts came in at $13 million trance plate laiting into earnings of 1387 per share. this is the first full quarter with tim cook as ceo. he assumed command when failing health took hold of steve jobs. >> until apple announces a new
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product or new design we won't know tim cook's ultimate name on the apple moniker. >> responsible for 58% of the revenue, apple on a seemingly nonstop growth curve. >> there is ebb and flow just like any other company but if they have good people and keep principles what they'd maid the company what sit today, there is good potential into the future. >> ceo admitted apple didn't bet high enough in anticipating demand for iphone 4 s, suggesting profits could have been higher if there were more of them to sell. >> and mcdonalds released it's corporate earnings today. the net income climbed 11% and the ceo boasts mcdonalds can
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thrive in any economic conditions crediting it's $1 breakfast menu. the revenues were all of 2011 totalled $27 billion. >> and olive garden is hoping sprucing up restaurants and changing the menu will win back customers. several chains continued to operate, despite filing for bankruptcy last year. >> in an hour and a half president obama will deliver his state of the union address to a nation anxious about the economy. and the white house says the president will outline a blueprint for boosting the middle class. >> president obama's state of the union address will be part policy and part sales pitch.
4:33 pm
officials say the speech will be built on the one made last month. >> this is not just another political debate. this is a he fining issue of our time. >> and administration officials said he'd focus on manufacturing, energy, workers skills and values. >> is this make or break for the middle class? >> the president for months railed against what he calls a do nothing congress, tonight expected to draw a line in the sand. >> we can fight for where i think we need to go. building an economy that works for everyone. >> house speaker john boehner dismissed this as just a campaign speech.
4:34 pm
>> this sounds like we're going see a rerun. >> from the latest abc news poll, 53% of americans had a favorable opinion of him, up five points in a month. his highest in nearly two years there will be a special guest, warren buffet's secretary. he blasted the tax system that allows him to pay a lower rate than she did. >> and we'll bring you the state of the union address at 6:00 followed by republican response and analysis and we'll stream it to you live. >> and republican presidential candidate mitt romney released his tax records today and this show he turned -- earned more than $42 million, paying $6
4:35 pm
million in taxes because almost all of the income was from investments. he makes more in one day than the average american makes in a year. >> we don't demonize prosperity. we celebrate success that is a difference between our party and the president. >> romney came under criticism from rival autos state senate president protem suing controller john chung for blocking lawmaker pays during last year's extended dispute. >> neither the governor nor any member of the execkive branch may brandish the threat of withholding legislative pay because they disagree with decisions made by the legislative branch. >> chung says he has legal authority to dock those salaries when lawmakers didn't
4:36 pm
deliver a budget. the decision cost laumts about $4800 each. and the suit is not asking for back pay. lawmakers say they just want dourts clarify whether he violated constitutional separation of power autos san francisco giving small businesses a boost. money now available, right after this. >> and population shift introducing lunar new year to more ports frt -- parts of the country. >> and taking a look at traffic now this, is the san francisco skyway. if you're trying to head to the east bay it's going to take you a while. how is travel forecast shaping up? >> this is looking good. there are no weather-related delays today. there is construction there for a couple weeks now.
4:37 pm
and jfk is reporting delays not because of weather but what is called traffic management initiatives meaning traffic is backed up and you can expect delays. there is coming up in just a moment as
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to small businesses in san francisco. the mayor announced the city is revitalizing it's small business loan fund program. the mayor and members of the board of supervisors made at announcement at brendan's french soul food restaurant. a recipient of the program. >> this is the type of small businesses we want to continue supporting but make sure we're creating opportunities all of our commercial corridors throughout the city. >> the mayor says funding will be used to help businesses in the southeast sector of the city. >> a low cost airline is planning a big expansion at oakland international airport. seven new nonstop flights to idaho, oregon and montana. destinations may not get you that excited but this will. there is a mini hub.
4:41 pm
>> flight and pilot and crew and operation staff will be located to live here. >> and if you're going to montana you'll be happy. there is officials say they will bring in $100 million in tourism to the bay area. >> and there is american soldar effect. the city's mayor welcomed them to the south bay. >> new breeze kicking things up at the kennel show this year. >> move over, oprah. wiki leaks founder julian
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lunar new year celebrations are bringing festivities to suburbs that lack offerings. >> this preschool is located in millbrae. once pro dominantly white suburb, the population is now nearly half asian. downtown banners celebrate the lunar new year along with
4:45 pm
chinese owned businesses including this shop. the store's manager moved a family here from san francisco six years ago for the reasons many leave the city. >> this is safe and very convenient. and also... very quiet z most of the people live here is middle class. and we find everything good, here. >> data shows 62% of asian americans now live in the suburbs up from 54%20 years ago. the fastest growing racial group in the u.s. to live in the suburbs. but that means a decline in traditional urban neighborhoods like chinatown. david lee grew up in chinatown but moved to the richmond district. >> chinese community in chinatown now is senior and
4:46 pm
elderly z this is the dramatic change from chinatown i grew up in, which was largely family. >> san francisco chinatown has become a tourist attraction with housing left for seniors and new immigrants. you can walk through washington, d.c. with chinatown without seeing people of chinese decent. >> you don't see the chinese population, per se. >> nork's chinatown is no longer home to the largest chinese population but this council 0e78 woman says it remains important. >> the culture and history, and people always manage to come back here. >> the population shift means more areas of the country are celebrating the yeerts r year of the brag onthan ever before. >> and you can call this oscar
4:47 pm
awards for dogs. >> there is a mountain dog. >> and there ais a hunting dog with six toes on each foot. >> hmz american english found a social deyendent of the british fox. and there lab hunt popular in its native finland and previously known as mexican hairless this is the national dog of mexico. a highly trainable intelligent and naturally clean dog we're told with excellent post you're. >> and kids call him squintly? >> yes. mexican hairless. >> you're about to lose your choice on face book ahead.
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>> and an avalanche rescue caught on tape. we'll show you more of the video. >> and best hand held blender you can get for $50. consumer reports choice. >> later on abc 7 news why there is a local flavor to the best picture category. stay with us.
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>> what are the best tools to have in your kitchen? you cook and have an immersion blender. >> yes. i don't use it that much. not my favorite tool. we have this shop smart on which is the best deal, and if you need one. >> this chef is well known for her soup. saying the key to her success is her immersion blender. >> just put it in the pot and you can blend the contents of the pot in one fell swoop.
4:52 pm
>> and leslie uses a big industrial blender there are many available for home kitchens. consumer reports tested six. >> you hold them in one hand, dip them and push a button. >> some come with a chopper and a whisk. to test they blended frozen vaubs to -- strawberries and the expensive was 180s oodz however, it wasn't as good as others at pureeing soups and it was lowest rated. >> and warring pro, professional blender left behind a lot of chunks of unchopped fruit. consumer reports named this
4:53 pm
$50 a best buy. rating excellent and nearly as well as immersion blender. there is less mess be be aware they can't match speed or power of counter top models. >> that is a good point, there. >> i prefer a blender. >> and that is still eating. >> there is taking a look at time lapse view this afternoon. we had mainly sunny skies and extra clouds moving through. there is no fear, sun is still with us. and tomorrow, will be up and down state with exception of eureka. there are showers moving through now, nice and dry and
4:54 pm
highs 80 degrees tomorrow. 71 in san diego z there is a milder day in the bay area, there are sunny skies and high temperatures mid-60s and 66 in campbell. there is 65 in palo alto z on the coast there is is 59 in the sunset district. north bay, mainly mid-60s. there is 65 in napa and near east bay highs into mid-60s with 65 degrees in castro valley and fremont. and mid to upper 60s and 66 in
4:55 pm
dublin. mildest weather near monterey bay. there is 69 degrees in salinas. >> yes, no problem in one day, two dozen reports of touchdowns touching down in four southern states. worst of it in alabama. jed's twister claimed lives of two people, one victim found on her mattress 40 feet from home. today bam goochl toured the areas and survivors begin to reconnect and assess damage. >> this is tote yam destruction. >> i was just praying everything was all right. >> and what i love, it's gone. >> this was manchester circle before. this is what it neighborhood looks like now. national weather service says
4:56 pm
storms like these are rare during winter time. >> there is a snowmobiler caught in an aftera lampblg. it cuts loose in seconds and there is john swanson right there, bury add live. >> that is saving grace. noing where i went in the snow. >> and once the head was out i was more relieved. >> john is back home now, comparing this to being buried in an ice cube. friends say it's nothing they've seen before. and that they ever want to see
4:57 pm
again. >> founder of wiki leaks is launching a career in television, announcing he's getting a talk show scheduled to air in mid march wiki laekz says it will be aired to several million viewers. it prochliss to draw together controversial voices. and if you haven't switched to face book time line yet, decision is about to be made for you announcing time line will go live in the next few weeks. it's been volume teary since last month. users will get a message telling them they're being switched to time line and they'll have seven days to view and edit profiles. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00 you can keep track on twitter and you can
4:58 pm
talk bit on >> next at 5:00 a suspect is in custody for a sexual assault at fisherman's wharf. >> san pran's embattled sheriff talks about whether he will resign. >> technology race to create fuel that powers cars of the future. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm share jennings. we begin with a sexual assault of a young tourist. >> police say they rescued the young girl after catching her attacker in the act. >> this mayor is weighing in on the rape of the young foreign tourist. shop owners here say that as
4:59 pm
the sun goes down their fear about something happening goes up. in the heart of fisherman's wharf, the victim, a teen-aged girl. a suspect from southern california taken to the hospital but then, police say arrested. >> officers found and located the juvenile along with the suspect. details of which are still under investigation at this juncture. but he the suspect was taken into custody. >> police say the 15-year-old teen apparently met dutel in a 7-11 store. they got separated from her group, her friends called police. the call helped officers move in and make the arrest. >> this is a horrible situation with


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